At this point, you know who we are and what we do. The big question remains ‘is Modere right for me?’ Here’s a few of the reasons we believe the answer is yes. We’ve dedicated ourselves to building a new kind of brand – modern, fun, uncomplicated. Our products are ones you can delight in using and be proud of sharing. Our ethics are unwavering, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. We believe in being honest and fair in all our dealings. We want to make the process easy and the experience enjoyable. Our compensation plan means you can make a little extra or make a career. We’re in this for the long haul. We work hard and play harder. We want to share the journey and the rewards with you.

Taking the first step

Let’s talk details. We’ve built a roadmap to success that has three basic steps: attract, retain and grow. It really is that simple. All you have to do is share what you love about Modere with your network and you’re on the way to earning real income.


The Modere model is elegant in its simplicity. Build a great brand people love, create exceptional products that people want to share, then reward them for doing so. People talking to people, customers creating customers. As a Promoter, every time someone in your network shops with us, you’ll earn income!


While you direct your energy towards attracting customers, we’ll devote our efforts to ensuring they stay. We know how tough making the first move can be, so we’ll make it for you. We continually run marketing campaigns to help generate awareness of the Modere brand. That can help you because conversations flow more naturally when the topic is a brand or product you and your potential customer are already familiar with.

This familiarity is fodder for the natural conversations you’re already having with others, ultimately it enables you to connect on a deeper level so you both gain more. We help spice up the conversation with a little temptation too, promoting amazing offers, incentives, discounts and more through flash sales and promotions. Add in our Rewards Program, marketing support and stellar customer experiences and we’re happy to be doing our best to contribute to your success.


It’s the final step, and it’s a big one. Big enough to deliver the potential of never ending opportunity. The elegant truth at the heart of the Modere model is that by creating fans of the products and the brand, you’ll create even more customers. Those customers will generate more customers, and all of those sales are tied to you. Forever.

Once you build that initial level of customers and brand fans, you’ll have the freedom – and the income – to continue increasing your business. Set free the entrepreneur inside you and build through getting and sending out referrals, sharing your love for Modere and its products with new people and building a community around your existing customer base. With a goal and determination, the sky is the limit!

Plus to sweeten that opportunity even more, for every purchase made on modere.com.au or through the Modere app with your unique Promo Code, your rewards increase – and so does your potential for income thanks to the best ever Revenue Sharing Program.

Share and get your share

History proves that when an inspired idea and great timing come together, the world is changed. That’s the power of Modere. We have an idea so unique, powerful and modern that we want to share it with everyone. The time is now. We believe that by cutting out the noise, the in-between people and the hype, we’ve built an authentic experience where both Customers and Social Marketers come out in front. Everyone wins.

Give a little, get a lot.

Social Marketing

Sharing is at the heart of Modere and the Social Marketing concept.

Join Modere as a Social Marketer and receive your unique promo code and invitation link to encourage others to discover Modere in person or online. Using the code and link, everyone who connects with Modere associates with you. Handing someone your code or sending your link via email, sms or social media grows your network and grows the potential of your earnings - exponentially.

If fact, you’ll earn up to 20% commission as well as monthly and quarterly cash bonuses.

In a nutshell: the more you share, the more purchases link back to you, the more your earning potential grows. Sweet.

Team Building

As your confidence grows, increase your earning potential by building a team of Social Marketers who, with your leadership, actively promote the Modere brand. As a Team Leader, you earn higher compensation, access lucrative bonuses and achieve well-deserved recognition.

When you increase your customer base, your income raises steadily – but the big income opportunities come with helping others develop their own teams.

Real Leadership

How high are you prepared to soar? Becoming a Team Leader is a great start, but by no means is it an end! For those determined to embrace opportunity, it’s only the beginning. To learn more about growing your potential, take a closer look at the full compensation plan by clicking here.

Get in the game

Take the first step on your journey to success. Become a Social Marketer. Memberships begin at $49.95 (other entrepreneurs will be envious of that start-up cost!) and you’ll have access to marketing support, unique content, literature, tips and tricks, an amazing and supportive network of peers and many more resources to help you attract, retain and grow your customer base.

To help you familiarise yourself with the Modere product range, we created the Social Marketer Collections.

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