Modere is the live clean company

At Modere, Live Clean is more than a buzz phrase, it’s the foundation of everything we do. We know that to change the world, we need to change the way people look at their own health and wellbeing. As individuals become aware of what they put in, on and around their body, we offer a path to making a change for the better. When you chose to remove potentially toxic ingredients from the products you use, the Modere range of safer and effective personal care, home and health products is the clear choice.

For over 30 years, we’ve been the undisputed leader in the science and art of living clean. Our passion for nurturing health and wellbeing in those who choose our products drives our constant innovation – innovation that is a key to opportunity.

The Modere range contains over 300 products available in nearly 40 countries around the globe. Every single product in our Health and Wellbeing, Personal Care and Home Care ranges is subjected to rigorous testing way beyond the average to ensure it meets our exacting Live Clean standards. Quite simply, if we’re not completely satisfied that any product bearing the Modere name is safer for you and your family free of controversial ingredients, and of the utmost quality, we won't sell it.

With our revolutionary new M3 Program, we believe we’ve achieved our greatest innovation to date – bringing the live clean philosophy of safer high performance products to the booming weight loss sector.

The Live Clean philosophy coupled with our culture of innovation underpins more than $6 billion in global sales – and over $3 billion dollars in commissions to our Social Marketers.

The innovations found in Modere products are reflected in disruptive business model - Social Retail. Social Retail sits at the intersection of social media, online shopping and person-to-person direct selling. You can see it in our exceptional customer experience and industry-leading compensation plan. Take a look at the video above, it’s a story we’re proud to share.



What I love about this business is that it gives my family lifestyle opportunities we may never have had otherwise had.

– Elite 3
Social Marketer

With Modere you truly have the opportunity to build a global business from the comfort of your own home.

We are so excited for the future. Elite 3 is fantastic and we know the best growth is still to come.

– Elite 3
Social Marketer

We are so grateful for this journey we started together. The relationships that we have built and the friendships we have made. Modere have been truly life changing for us all. We are not sure what to do next now!

We have the best team and they have driven and driven and driven. The support from them, head office and EVERYONE within Modere has been unreal.

– Elite 3
Social Marketer

The opportunity in Modere is absolutely enormous! We’re already worldwide, which means it is so much easier to build an international business. I feel we’re on the cusp of something huge and will become the world leaders in Direct Selling for many years to come. It all comes down to our innovative business model and our amazing high quality products. Without these two key elements, we’d be just another ordinary company that would inevitably fade away.


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